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It's all about professionalism, delivery, creativity, spontaneity, time management and....confidence!

Step-on guides should be your community's first link to group tours to enhance the experience you've worked so hard to create.  Guides need to know what to say and what not to say AND when (or not) to say it.



Whether we like it or not, the experience created in your community will be constantly in a state of transition and your group tour guides are the ONLY ones who have the ability to turn heads in the right direction - to avoid an eye sore in the other direction.


Telling 'the story' is an art - an art that comes with training and can be down right fun!

FOCUS:  Step-On Guide Training for Group Tours​

​FORM:  Workshop

​SEATING:  U-Formation

​ATTENDEES:  Tourism Industry

​TIME FRAME:  1-3 Hour Session (repeated in Go To Training in 30 days)

​FEE:  To access fee structure, please obtain your password via EMAIL.  Once password has been obtained, click HERE.


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