The allure of your local history is largely dependent on the interest of the tourist.

Avid historians will want as much detail as possible while average tourists will only want enough to remember the experience. 

Families will want enough to get their attention and put a smile on their face - all with a little taste of history and a lot of friendly folklore. 

Couples will be intrigued by Interpretational Signage luring them into shops where they can easily converse with proprietors and personalize their experience.


FOCUS:​ Identifying the breadth & depth of the history in your community for interpretation.

FORM:​ Workshop

SEATING: Pending number attending.


ATTENDEES: Historians, tourism leaders followed with the training of step-on guides and docents.

TIME FRAME: 1 3-hour session with each group.

FEE: To access fee structure, please obtain your password via EMAIL.  Once password has been obtained, click HERE.