There are designers who tell a client what they need.​ Then there are designers who work with the client and, together, the space and place is created.


Jacquie prefers to work with what a business needs to attract consumers, to create comfort and ease in the surroundings, to create excitement in every corner so clients will buy and remember.  

As your consultant, she will help you with...

David Bromstad

&  Jacquie Evans 

Business Layout & Design
Business Layout & Design

A creative environment increases sales

Splashes of Memorable Color
Splashes of Memorable Color

Exciting spaces to market your product

History Up Front & Personal
History Up Front & Personal

Walking customers through your doors

FOCUS:  Individual attention given to each site assessing its market appeal, employee comfort and adaptation to the tourism profile.

​FORM:  On-site location or tourism board room.


​ATTENDEES:  Proprietor (Optional:  Tourism Leader)


​FEE: to access fee structure, please obtain your password via EMAIL.  Once password has been obtained, click HERE.