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I like to affectionately call this "Don't Let It Rain Another Day" because some things happen for which we have no control.  Like Mother Nature!  But that doesn't mean we can't control our group tours and still provide a meaningful experience for them - rain or shine!  Because, quite frankly, even a flood is AN EXPERIENCE if we're lucky enough to be watching from higher ground.

If you want to know how to swim when the bridge goes out or how to cultivate an understanding that tourism is a business - not a hobby - then pull up a chair!  Let's talk!

FOCUS:  Enabling techniques to maintain your professional relationships and your sanity during crises.​

​FORM: Workshop (or Conference)​


​ATTENDEES: Tourism Industry, Step-On Guides

​TIME FRAME: 1 1-Hour Session

​FEE:  To access fee structure, please obtain your password via EMAIL. Once password has been obtained, click HERE.

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