Preserving architectural history can create the visual appeal to impress and attract tourists but  preservation must be more than "just a pretty face."

Business development advances preservation to the next step in understanding what it takes to attract tourists based on the following criteria:


A convenient tourism profile will appeal to local citizens

AND will often be duplicated elsewhere,

An interesting tourism profile will appeal to regional travelers

 AND will sometimes be duplicated elsewhere,

 An extraordinary tourism profile will appeal to national travelers

AND will seldom be duplicated elsewhere,



An ORIGINAL tourism profile will appeal to local, regional, national & international travelers

AND will never be duplicated elsewhere. 


FOCUS:  Developing the strongest profile for marketability.​

​FORM: Workshop or Conference ​​

​​​​SEATING:  U-Formation

ATTENDEES: Tourism Industry - County-wide​

TIME FRAME: 1-3 Hour Session

PREREQUISITE: Tourism Development Program

FEE: To access fee structure, please obtain your password via EMAIL.  Once password has been obtained, click HERE.​​ ​

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